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About Us

Albany Shipping Limited is an established London based vessel operator in the offshore and oil and gas industry. It is also an Investment Advisor to a UK Shipping Fund.

Company Profile

Albany Shipping Limited is owned by key personnel who have proven expertise in seafaring, vessel operations, finance and accountancy. Albany focuses on two core activities, operating offshore vessels and being an Investment Advisor to a UK Shipping Fund.

Offshore Vessel Operations

With our operating team having many years’ experience operating FSIV’s, Crew boats, Accommodation and Supply Vessels, Albany currently operates sophisticated FSIV’s in complex operational and commercial environments.

Albany Shipping Limited is committed to operating vessels to achieve the safest and most commercially successful outcome.

Investment Advisor

In 2015 Albany was a critical element in the creation of a UK Shipping Fund which provides capital for the purchase of offshore vessels. The fund is based and regulated in Gibraltar and is managed by a UK fund manager. Albany’s role is that of Investment Advisor which is made up of the following functions:

  1. Identifying commercially viable vessels to be purchased, that will achieve the performance criteria of the fund.
  2. Once the vessels have been purchased, to operate the vessels for the fund. 

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